Amazon Kindle Touch Review

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5 Great Reasons to Fall in Love with the New Sonos Play: 3 Wireless Speakers

One of the hardest tasks of being an audiophile is finding a great set of speakers with great highs, lows, and mids and the all new wireless Sonos Play: 3 speakers will not only blow you away with great sound but also packs lots of other features to boot.

Brilliant Sound Quality

The Sonos Play: 3 wireless speakers boast some of the greatest sound quality available in wireless speakers around and features 3 speakers powered by dedicated digital Class-D amplifiers, 1 tweeter, 2 dedicated mid-range drivers, a bass radiator, all-digital sound architecture, and even comes with adjustable bass and treble controls. With the added features and technology built into the Sonos Play: 3 speakers, they’re sure to please even the most critical audiophile.

Pre-loaded Internet Radio and Streaming Services

Regardless of how you get your tunes, the Sonos Play: 3 is sure to be an asset for music lovers with its pre-loaded access to internet radio stations and streaming services. The Sonos Play: 3 will allow users to access Napster, Rdio, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Spotify, TuneIn,, AUPEO, iheartradio,, over 100,000 free radio stations and podcasts and more. Your ears will love you after you buy the Sonos Play: 3 due to the vast amount of music that you’ll have access to right out of the box.

Mobile Device Accessibility

Tired of walking over to your speakers or audio setup in order to change tracks, switch albums, or tune into another radio stations? Well, if that’s the case, the Sonos Play: 3 will be a perfect match for you. These innovative wireless speakers are tailored to work with Android smartphones and iOS devices like your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in order to give users a wireless way to control their Sonos Play: 3 speakers with free apps.

Wireless House-hold Setup

The Sonos Play: 3 features another innovative feature, Sonosnet 2.0, which allows users to move their Sonos Play: 3 wireless speakers into any room in the house – for wireless music that can be enjoyed all throughout the house, regardless of what room you’re in. With this cool feature, you’d be able to setup a wireless speaker in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room while being able to enjoy music in all rooms at the same time.

Automatic Software Updates

Not only is the Sonos Play: 3 one of the most innovative and high-tech speakers currently available on the market, but they’re built to always stay awesome. The Sonos Play: 3 supports automatic software updates so that as time passes and technology advances, your wireless speakers will stay up to date and only get better with time.

Right Computer Speaker System Can Change the Way Media Is Experienced

Computers have evolved from simple machines used to process documents and spreadsheets into complex systems that can be used to watch TV, enjoy music, and view movies. Getting quality sound out of any computer is possible with different computer speaker setups. Computer speaker systems run the gamut from simple and standard two-speaker designs to state-of-the-art surround-sound systems capable of delivering floor-rattling sound.

Units like the Cyber Acoustics 2 Piece Speakers offer up great sound for desktops or laptops and feature the standard dual speaker setup that every computer user is familiar with. Of course, laptop sound needs to be portable at times, and specialized units like the Logitech Z305 2.0 feature a clip-on design and USB connection that keeps the speaker as portable as the laptop. Two speaker systems are ideal for small office areas or locations that use more than one computer.

In larger rooms or for machines dedicated to a specific purpose, larger systems can fill rooms with lush sound. In order to get the full effect of movies and music, more elaborate computer speaker systems are available. The Creative Inspire T3130 Speaker System offers two side speakers with the presence of a subwoofer to deliver the pulse beating lows. Other three-speaker systems, like the Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System, can also enhance the power of the computer and make the playlist of every user jump with life or make movies and television shows come alive with sound.

Top-of-the-line acoustic systems are also available for getting the perfect sound out of just about any computer system. The Bose Companion 3 Series II Speaker System offers one of the ultimate listening experience for any user in just about any application. In addition, systems are available to produce surround sound in stunning clarity. The Logitech Z506 5.1 Speaker System features five speakers and a subwoofer to really unleash the power of a song or movie.

The right speaker system can help transform the multimedia experience of any PC. Although the size of the room is directly proportional to the power of the unit required, different users and viewers have a variety of requirements that need to be met. Therefore, the right computer speakers for a specific individual depend greatly on those particular needs. The fact is, bigger is not always better, and personal preference and desired budget should always trump other factors such as brand recognition.

Tesla informs about the first profits

Tesla Motors presented investors with the latest financial report. The report for the third quarter of this year is very optimistic. For the first time in two years, the company reported a profit of $ 21.9 million.

Until quite recently, the situation of Tesla Motors did not look good. Although the American company sold quite a few cars, its activity was not profitable. Fortunately, year after year is getting better and better.

A few days ago, Elon Musk announced the release of all its models in autonomous driving technology. In addition, it plans to equip them with photovoltaic cells that will be built into the vehicle’s roof, charging its batteries and thus raising the vehicle’s reach. This makes Tesla vehicles more and more popular. Particularly Model S, which sold last quarter increased as much as 59 percent, compared with the same quarter last year.

Thanks to this Tesla Motors can finally boast of profits. For the last quarter, the company’s profits totaled $ 21.9 million. This is due to a significant increase in orders for its cars, which for Model S and X increased 68 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Since then, it has also managed to increase production by 92 percent. (37% compared to the second quarter), so the company expects to achieve the goal of producing 50,000 cars this year.

The total revenue of the company as compared to the third quarter of 2015 increased 145 percent. And $ 2.3 billion, and next year may be even better. At the end of 2017 will be the first deliveries of the latest model 3, the first car in the US company’s offer, to be available at a very affordable price of about 30 thousand dollars.

These rumors will certainly delight investors and shareholders of the American concern.

Laptop for a player at a reasonable price

Not so long ago we published laptop testers for gamers at prices from 3 thousand. Zł up to 4 ths. zł. What has changed since then? First of all we saw that many people still do not understand what a gaming laptop is. There is also a new player in this price category that grows out of the favorites.

Starting from the beginning, a laptop that allows you to launch new games is not necessary if:

A) you have a place for a fun working / playstation where giant Pecet, monitor and speakers can stand up

B) you are a recluse and you are only playing at home

C) You think the shooter is better at playing pad than with the mouse

D) Your favorite game is Windows solitaire (now this type of game can run even on home appliances)

Laptop is a great alternative to a desktop computer if:

A) once you play with friends on the net, sitting with them in the same room (someone watching the Theories of the Great Raid?)

B) you are looking for an alternative to a console that will offer something else besides games (on a laptop you can work freely, and after dropping the 8 hours to connect to a TV, start Steam in Bib Picture mode and get a bit off the hard working day)

C) you do not have a place to work / play in the house because the baby cot was in place;)

The Russians want to surprise the world with a new jet. The desire to restore the old power or media propaganda?

The Russians continue to dream of returning to the Cold War, when the size and power of USSR aviation was an important bargaining chip in the international arena. One of the manifestations of these dreams may be the project of supersonic, futuristic PAK TA transporters. Is it even possible to go?

PAK TA – Russians want to have modern and very fast transport planes

The portal Russia Today last year published the first mention of plans to create a new, state-of-the-art PAK TA transport aircraft. According to the assurances of the people responsible for the project is to be an aircraft built on the basis of the aerodynamic wing of the wing. Capable of reaching speeds above 2000 km / h. The planned range of the planned aircraft is to be at least 7,000 kilometers and carry up to 200 tonnes of cargo at this distance. By comparison, the largest transport plane in the world, An-225 takes up to 250 on cargo. PAK TA would become one of the largest aircraft in history.

Initial rumors say that up to 80 of the PAK TA aircraft would be built by 2024. This would allow FR to be transported to any place on the ground in tens of hours. Interestingly, the aircraft would use a more unspecified hybrid drive. Probably a combination of two turbofan engines and one electric motor.

Why the Russians such a plane?

The largest currently used transport aircraft (10 in number) is An-124 “Ruslan”, which is able to carry as much as 150 tons of cargo. There are also 120 Il-76 transport aircrafts in the fleet of Russian Federation Air Force transporters. These, however, are capable of carrying much smaller loads up to 60 tonnes. However, the expansion plans of the Kremlin army require, however, aircraft capable of carrying as many heavy loads as possible (including tanks, armored personnel carriers). Also loud is the fact that a large transport will be needed to transport the Russian jewel of their army: T-14 Armata’s state-of-the-art tank.

The An-124 would have been ideal here, but it is now being manufactured by Aviant Ukrainian Airways, and it is known that Russian-Ukrainian relations are strained. Russians also like to have control over the aircraft they produce for their needs and strongly support their national aviation industry. No wonder they decided to design and produce their own design of this type.

Will Russia ever be able to produce such planes?

However, many experts have considerable doubts about the PAK TA project’s assumptions. Especially since from design and construction point of view PAK TA construction can be even tougher and much more expensive than the construction of eg PAK FA / T-50 supermodel. An airplane capable of over-speeding a wing would be an innovative project. Even the American B-2 Spirit or F-117 Super Bowl was not designed to exceed the Mach number of 1. Also, the idea of ​​using a motor / electric motors seems unrealistic for the Russian industry. Even the richest American companies are just getting used to the use of electric / hybrid drives in airplanes and are usually limited to small unit tests. None of the greats have taken up even bigger projects of this type. It is hard to believe that the Russians would have to go to what they are afraid to take, for example Americans. The country’s economic crisis, where more and more people are struggling to meet basic living needs, is not a good place to set up a state-of-the-art, pioneering aircraft. Especially since the project would have to absorb at least a billion dollars.

Absurdly look forward to producing 80 aircraft until 2024. This would mean that the first test pieces would have to be created as early as 2018-2019, which seems impossible. In the end, still no details were revealed and no producer was selected.

If the production of PAK TA would ever move, the chances of obtaining 80 machines by the Russian Federation Air Force are rather around 2030, assuming that the program will not encounter too many difficulties …

Russian aviation pride or media propaganda? A few details to look out for

The conceptual pictures look really impressive. PAK TA aircraft on the presented projects looks extremely futuristic. He wonders, however, some details that can be seen already in these prospectus illustrations.

Huge air intakes will definitely not help speeding up the sound. In aircraft capable of exceeding the speed of sound, rather small, divergent inlets are used. These large inlets shown in the illustrations do not fit into an airplane that would run at 2000 km / h. Doubts also arise on the wing air outlets. The vast majority of airplanes capable of over-speeding the sound are used by the afterburner. Illustrations do not indicate his presence. It is also worth to pay attention to the angle of the slop of the wings. PAK TA has a relatively small slant of wings, and supersonic aircraft usually have either a large slant or the presence of a variable geometry system. Looking at the illustrations it is hard to see any of these qualities.

Doubts also arouse the engine. The attached visualizations show that the PAK TA engine is equipped with large diameter intake fans, which may suggest that the designer’s idea is to find a turbofan engine there. All engines used so far on planes that were supposed to exceed the speed of sound were clearly smaller in diameter. In addition to engines with such a large fan diameter (judging by the scale of the image), the Russian aerospace industry simply is not there. If what you see in the drawings is true, then the Russians would have to build this type of drive. And this is another billion rubles and months of work.

Live Broadcast Equipment- a Brief Note

Broadcasting is distribution of video and audio content to a mass audience via television, radio, or other media. Recipients of the eclectic or standard broadcasts could be the large masses as well as small niche audience. Therefore, live broadcast equipment plays a major role in the current media industry. The market based specialized suppliers offer a wide variety of video and audio equipments, mostly through web stores as some of the most innovative live broadcasting equipments of the time.
Live broadcast equipment as supplied by a professional company constitute industry’s latest video and audio broadcasting kits. They are including controllers, camcorders, camera control unit, lighting equipments, vision mixers, mobile video studios, field recorders, field audio recorders, converters, switchers, software for video conversion, MPEG encoders, etc.

Live broadcast equipment ensures a complete live broadcasting solution to the clients wishing to deliver any global, national or local stream via the Internet. It facilitates the establishment of a strong and connection between the company and its targeted customers, thereby enhancing their relationship. Also, it helps the company to reach out to wider customer base.

The most widely used live broadcasting equipment is probably the camcorder. A camcorder is an electronic recording device. It’s portable and it blends both camera and video recorder as one unit. It is commonly used for recording live audio and motion live video for any later purposes.
The switchers and mixers are also commonly used live broadcast equipments. Also known as vision mixer, a video switcher is a type of device which is regularly used in film and video productions to switch between video and audio sources.
Another example of live broadcast equipment is the audio mixer, also known as the mixing console. It’s an electronic device which helps combine, mix, rout, and change the levels and the dynamics of audio signals. The audio mixer may blend analog or digitals signals, depending on the kind of mixer. All the modified signals put together will generate united output audio.

Most definitely, live broadcast equipment has improved customer services while minimizing time and marketing cost for any product.

Foxconn will release most of its employees

Foxconn Chinese company announced the dismissal of most employees. This does not mean, however, that the company is terminated. They just do not need people anymore and are going to replace them with robots.

Experts estimate that over the next several years, robots will receive at least tens of millions of jobs. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable future that will soon affect all employees of the Foxconn group, producing smartphones for Apple.

Foxconn has been working on automated production lines for several years, which will not only significantly speed up the process of manufacturing new equipment, but will, above all, reduce operating costs. Dai Jia-peng, manager of China’s technology automation division, told DigiTimes that a three-step plan to replace robots by humans has already begun.

In the first phase, the workers in the factories will be replaced by robots working on individual workstations. They will deal with tasks that are too dangerous for a human being or those people do not want to do.

The second stage of the plan will include the acquisition of the whole production line by the robots, while the third phase of the project will minimize the presence of people in the factories. From now on, they will only be supervised, inspected and tested.

Dai Jia-peng explained that Foxconn factories in Chengdu, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou are already at the second and third stages of the project. In the case of Zhengzhou, where nearly half of all iPhones are produced, production lines are already fully automated.

Russian banks have fallen victim to hackers

The media reported a strange attack on two Russian banks that hacked one night to hack $ 800,000. Theft was used so-called. Free malware that does not leave behind traces in the system.

Hackers are getting better at what they do and their methods are so specialized that it is very difficult to fight them. An example of their high effectiveness is the action a few days ago, when two Russian banks attacked, stealing from them one night 800 thousand dollars.

Hackers have utilized free malware that allowed them to get into the system and withdraw large amounts of cash from ATMs. Non-compliant malware is a relatively new attack method that is very difficult to detect because it leaves no trace. Normally malicious code is written to the disk, but in this case it only works in the RAM of the infected machine and disappears after it has been shut down.

There were no signs of attack in the bank system. Only the surveillance cameras captured the suspect who approached the cash dispenser and extracted money from it. Criminals needed 20 minutes to empty the entire ATM, pulling

IPad air, ipad mini, MacBook pro, Mac Pro and OS x Maverics

Apple’s autumn conference, unlike in the previous year, was not just a shadow of an earlier presentation of the new iPhone. This time there were a lot of attractions and the protagonists of this evening were the new iPad mini, iPad Air, MacBook Pro (two versions), Mac Pro and OS X Maverics.

Although this evening’s Cupertino giants were about to show, they did not spare the audience the propaganda titled: How Apple Changed The World For The Better, And Comfortably Matched Statistics Selected To Show Its Dominance On A Competitor Who Just Wandered Around. It’s a shame, not just because the Yerba Center in San Francisco is lit to find Applesceptics, “but above all because the product catalog presented this year must be considered at least satisfactory. Moreover, they are all ready for sale, already or at the latest in December.

Sure, there will be no complaining about the lack of innovation, and some frustration may be understandable if we consider the iPhone and iPad – two devices presented by the same company just three years apart, which have truly revolutionized the gadgets industry. This time it’s just (only?) Faster, more efficient, nicer (a matter of taste) or better … but without a revolution.

Finally, there was also a generous gesture in the form of a completely free update to the new Mac OS X Mavericks, as well as the iWork environment, also completely free – the above, of course, for the owners of the equipment with the burned apple.

By the way Apple – in case it is not clear enough after the release of the latest iPhones – the products presented emphatically indicate that it is not interested in the budget market. That is why both the MacBook Pro, the iPad Air, and the iPad mini are class in and of itself.