Audi A5 coupé model of a modern car in a coupé body

The first Audi A5 coupé was considered the most beautiful car of its kind. The new generation is even better – it’s more expressive, the lines are more outlined, and the silhouette is even more sporty. Looks, however, is not all. What matters is what’s inside, and there we find the latest technology that Audi currently offers.

The Audi A5 is based on the same floor plate as the A4 A5 uses the same technology as the A4 – we have the same engines, same types of drive, plus driver comfort and support. However, one can easily guess: Audi A5, especially in the coupé version has a completely different character to the family A4. Everything must therefore be matched to the sports A5. Did this work?

Audi A5 coupé engines

The Audi A5 coupé is powered by almost exclusively powerful engines. We write almost because the weakest 1.4 TFSI unit is only 150 bhp. Just because the sport coupé is not fit to have units of such power. However, every next engine has at least 190 bhp. Speaking of 2-liter units, both TFSI and TDI. If the power is too small, there are two more units to choose from: 2.0 TFSI with 252 hp and 3.0 TDI with 218 hp. Soon there will be another version of the engine – the V6 TDI with nearly 300 hp. The quattro drive is available with 252-hp TFSI petrol and 2.0 TDI (190KM) and V6 TDI (218hp) diesel. As you can see, the choice is quite big. And if there are no such parameters, there is a chance to look around for the S5 coupé, which is powered by the 3.04 TFSI 354 horsepower. For RS 5 we have to wait a while longer.

We had the opportunity to drive a 3.0 TDI version with 218 hp and quattro and 2.0 TFSI with 252 hp also with quattro. Significant that 100 km / h in the second configuration is achieved after only 5.2 seconds. It’s almost a second faster than the identically configured A4. The weaker diesel V6 needs 6.3 seconds to the first “hundreds”:

But acceleration is not all. The brakes and cornering efficiency are also important. The braking distance, traditionally for Audi, is really short, and the brakes are resistant even to several stops at higher speeds in small intervals. What about turning corners? The Audi A5 coupé is clearly lower than the A4 and also lighter. And this has a profound effect on cornering speed. As expected, the A5 coupé conquers arches with natural grace without nervousness (even at the speed limit) and with a really large dose of lateral overload. Moments the driver does not realize how fast he goes until he looks at the speedometer. In such situations, HUD is useful

Suspension in the Audi A5 coupé, as such a car, is very effective, but also oriented to grip rather than comfort. It can not be said that it is overly hard, but if someone was waiting for a couch, it was badly hit. However, it is worthwhile to opt for an optional damping damper that allows you to change the hardness of the suspension according to the driver’s preferences.

Particularly deserving of steering, which can optionally be dynamic. Thanks to it, the Audi A5 coupé maneuveres well in the city, even when it’s hard to overtake narrow roundabouts, it does not mean having to tear your hands off the steering wheel. At the same time, at higher speeds, the gear ratio changes, making the driving precision remains at the highest level.

In summary: in terms of drive, performance and speed, the Audi A5 coupé is a truly sporty car.

What’s inside?

How much standing outside you can admire the Audi A5 coupé long, so much in the middle of nothing captivating heart would not find. Ot proven and well-known design of the Audi A4 with typical for top quality Audi. But is that a drawback? Not necessarily, because even a sports coupé should be in the middle of practical and comfortable and this is exactly the A5 … at least for the driver and the passenger sitting on his right. Of course, sitting on the back couch requires some gymnastics, although for people up to 1.85 it will be comfortable even with the big front passengers.

Noteworthy are the sensational sports seats, which are not only very comfortable, they also keep the body well at the corners. This is because they offer a very wide range of adjustments that allows you to find the right position for almost anyone. It is extremely important especially for those who intend to drive more than 100-200 km at one time. It is a shame that in so few cars you can count on the comfortable seat adjustment.

Praise also belongs to the very wide range of steering control, which you can really push out. All this makes the driver and his passenger sit really comfortable in the Audi A5 coupé and can only attach to a relatively high sitting position. Some would expect the coupé to sit almost on the asphalt. But it is a matter of taste, and in the present form at least getting in and out of the car does not require regular exercise in the gym.

In summary: Audi A5 coupé is definitely a premium car. Material quality and folding are top-notch, and travel comfort provides great seats and a wide range of adjustments.

Modern technology in the Audi A5 coupé

According to what we wrote in the introduction to the article, the Audi A5 coupé uses the same features as the Audi A4, although they have been adapted to the sporty coupé character. Let’s start with comfort equipment.

The Audi A5 coupé can be fitted with a virtual cockpit, which is a replacement for traditional clocks:

The multimedia system not only allows you to manage your media, but also find out what’s happening around your destination. With the Audi Smartphone Interface, you can use Google Android Auto or Apple Car Play, making it much easier to connect your phone to the car’s interface.

Very useful, especially in the fast car is the A5 coupé display is Head-Up Display, which presents the most important data directly on the windshield, so that the driver does not have to leave his eyes to see at what speed to go or to see navigation indications.

The Audi A5 coupé could not miss the advanced Matrix LED adaptive headlamps. Thanks to them, driving at night on interurban roads is incomparably more comfortable, and most importantly – much safer. Anyway, see for yourself how the identical system works in Audi Q7:

The Audi Coupé is also equipped with a full package of active safety systems. So we have a blind spot assistant, a lane, adaptive cruise control, and finally the Audi Pre Sense, which can even prevent a collision:

All of these elements are already known from the Audi A4 and, in the case of the A5, they work equally well to protect the driver and passengers. They also enable semi-autonomous motorway driving and dense urban traffic: