Drones in water sports

Freefly Systems invented a brand new Dronesurfing sport that will appeal to water sports enthusiasts. This is a modification of kitesurfing with the difference that instead of a small kite, the athlete is drawn by the drones.

For a constantly growing list of modern dron applications, you can add more. It is Dronesurfing, a new kind of water sport invented by Freefly Systems. Sport is very similar to typical kitesurfing, but it differs in the way of the drive. Instead of a small kite flying to the wind, which is usually an athlete, we have a mighty dron equipped with eight rotors.

The machine called the Freefly ALTA 8 shoulder span of up to 1325 mm, is equipped with eight Freefly F45 motors. Each has a continuous power of 350 W and a maximum of 950 W and accelerates to 6300 RPM. The propellers were made of lightweight carbon fiber reinforced balsam to withstand such high revolutions. The dron is powered by a battery pack connected in parallel.

Dron was not specially modified to pull people, but as provided by Freefly Systems, a single battery charge can pull a person about 3-4 times, with each tow lasting about 30 seconds.