Foxconn will release most of its employees

Foxconn Chinese company announced the dismissal of most employees. This does not mean, however, that the company is terminated. They just do not need people anymore and are going to replace them with robots.

Experts estimate that over the next several years, robots will receive at least tens of millions of jobs. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable future that will soon affect all employees of the Foxconn group, producing smartphones for Apple.

Foxconn has been working on automated production lines for several years, which will not only significantly speed up the process of manufacturing new equipment, but will, above all, reduce operating costs. Dai Jia-peng, manager of China’s technology automation division, told DigiTimes that a three-step plan to replace robots by humans has already begun.

In the first phase, the workers in the factories will be replaced by robots working on individual workstations. They will deal with tasks that are too dangerous for a human being or those people do not want to do.

The second stage of the plan will include the acquisition of the whole production line by the robots, while the third phase of the project will minimize the presence of people in the factories. From now on, they will only be supervised, inspected and tested.

Dai Jia-peng explained that Foxconn factories in Chengdu, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou are already at the second and third stages of the project. In the case of Zhengzhou, where nearly half of all iPhones are produced, production lines are already fully automated.

Gmail will prevent leaks of information

Google helps a hand to all entrepreneurs whose businesses could harm the leak of confidential data. An American concern has announced that the business version of Gmail will be equipped with a special technology that will scan emails in the box to prevent important data from being taken over by the competition.

The American company has just launched a new program called Data Loss Prevention, which aims to protect corporate mail from leaking sensitive information. The system will scan the documents on an ongoing basis by using an optical character recognition system to ensure that they do not contain sensitive information such as passwords or other codes.

This process is to be done before sending an email, which will first be checked for the presence of certain words, phrases and numbers. If the system detects, for example, a credit card number, the email will be paused.

The American police will get armed drones

A few weeks ago a sensation triggered a movie thrown into the net, where you can see how the armed dron shot at the target. It was a freak of a lone enthusiast, however, the idea of ​​unmanned equipment armed was soon picked up by the American police, which will soon receive such equipment for equipment.

At first, armed drones will be available to North Dakota policemen as the mayor of this state has just introduced a new amendment to the law that allows the use of such machines.

For now it will not be a lethal weapon, of course, so we will not see flying equipment equipped with rifle bullets, pistols and grenade launchers. Officials will, however, be able to install unmanned guns, rubber bullets, pepper spray, tasers, and sound guns, and then use such machines during the action.

Syfy’s Futuristic Cop Show ‘Halcyon’ Will Have 5 VR Episodes

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